INFO - How Much Does A Fence Cost

Out of all of the fencing questions, emails and Facebook comments...

that we receive from our customers, there is one question that tops the list for the most common, and the hardest, question to answer...

How much does fencing cost?

There are so many variables we need to consider when answering that particular question.

Such as:

  • The linear length or feet of the fencing project.
    1. Material cost which which does not include installation by the contractor of your choosing is estimated by linear footage vs square footage like if you were doing tile inside your home.
      For example: if you had a 100 linear foot of fence (which means if you had a straight line and measured 100 foot in one direction) the cost per LF is described below based on what material you chose.
      Here are some of our prices based on the method just described:
      4' Galvanized chain link - $2.74 LF (NO GATES INCL)
      4' black chain link - $3.73 LF (NO GATES INCL)
      6' White vinyl privacy fence - $12.18 LF (NO GATES INCL)
      4' Black 3 channel residential aluminum - 12.48 LF (NO GATES INCL)
  • The best material for the project.
    1. With such a wide variety of features, pricing and hardware between our aluminum, iron, vinyl and chainlink fencing lines, we need to know, or can help you decide, which material will best fit your project's needs. Is it for safety/security? Privacy? Do you have animals?
      No matter which type, style or size fencing you need, we have you covered.
  • Is it fencing we stock or will have to custom order?
    1. While we have a large stock at our Brooksville location, if you are looking for something elaborate or a specific style or color of privacy fencing we may have to special order that and will have to work up a price to include custom ordering and possibly delivery.
  • The current cost of the materials based on industry trends.
    1. Sometimes the industry's cost as a whole, as aluminum prices rise or fall, for example affect the overall cost of a product line, from the small adornments to the large fence panels.
      While we absorb the rising costs when possible, sometimes our pricing changes to reflect our costs. It's not often, and usually it's just a small adjustment but it is a factor we consider when quoting.
  • Does it fall into residential, bulk or commercial pricing?
    1. Again, because we do not install fence but rather supply it, we sell to homeowners and contractors alike. We have multiple tiers of pricing to take that into consideration and help out those who continue to come back to us time and time again.
  • And so on...

With so many factors, that's why, while we completely support the DIY'ers that we gladly sell to directly, we also highly recommend contacting a licensed fence installer to come out and do a site visit so that they may evaluate your project, offer their professional opinion, provide a custom quote, and can more specifically address most or all of your fencing questions.

We've been in the industry for almost 30 years and plan to be here for a long time coming to answer your questions and supply your fencing needs from the small dog kennels to the large estate projects.

We hope this was helpful in understanding why we can't always answer "How much does a fence cost?" on the spot.

If you have any questions or need an estimate on your next fencing job, give our team a call now @ (352) 797-2489.

Your Friends at Father & Son Fence Supply

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